Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dora is coming to Canada! She will help find the Missing Teddy Bear!

It’s Dora the Explorer! We are so very excited to welcome the adventurous little heroine starring in Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys! to Canada.

Visit for a list of tour dates and ticket information.

The folks at Koba Entertainment want to do something special for you, our momstown readers. Use the exclusive code below to buy tickets in advance for a show nearest you! This code will be active between June 4 at 11AM EST and June 6 at 11PM EST. General on sale begins June 7 at 11AM EST.

Presale Code: EXPLORES

Day 3: Help Find Koba's Missing Teddy Bear

Welcome to momstown Moncton and congratulations- you have found 1 of three letter tiles today!

If you haven’t collected today’s three letter tiles, please return to the Koba Entertainment’s Facebook page to continue your search through the blogs.

Eastern Canada is very excited about welcoming Koba Entertainment’s mysterious guest to our region and we think you will be just as excited as us.

Make sure to check back in today with Koba Entertainment’s Facebook page at 11am EST for instructions on how to unscramble all the clues you have collected over the last three days!